Free Tributary Area Calculator – No Login Required

This free tributary area calculator can be used to compute and visualize influence areas of columns.

Note that the calculator works best on devices with bigger screens, such as laptops and tablets.


Please note that the tributary area calculator above is a limited version of Tribby3d. To get access to the full version and more functionality, please create an account. See below for examples of additional features that are available in the full version.


Unlimited columns

Add unlimited number of columns to your configuration.

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Add wall elements

Add load-bearing wall elements to compute their tributary areas.

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Add area loads

Area loads can be added to calculate complex column and wall loads.

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Export Excel files

Download the results as Excel files to use in your structural calculations.

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Import Dxf files

Models can be imported from popular CAD software.

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Save models

Create an account to avoid modeling the same strucutre twice.

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