Tribby3d: Probably The Best Visual Engineering Tool In The World

I hope you have enjoyed the summer so far. We have been busy working on some visual improvements in Tribby3d that we hope you will enjoy.

Ever since the initial launch of Tribby3d, we were never satisfied with “just“ making a useful and powerful engineering software. We also wanted to make it a piece of art. Appealing aesthetics and creative use of visual engineering concepts have been instrumental to make the user experience top notch in Tribby3d. In the end, this leads to boosted productivity for you – the user.

With this background we’re happy to present tributary area growth animations in Tribby3d. If you click on the compute tribs button now, it will not just display tributary areas, but also show an animation of the tribs growing out from the elements. Check out the GIF below:

The way that it works is simple: it starts as a tiny circle from the column or wall location and grows outwards until it intersects with its neighbors. In fact, you may recognize the concept from promotional graphics on the Tribby3d website. However, now all users can test it out live in the application. If you are on your laptop, you can give this new feature a spin immedeatly through the free calculator (please not that it works less good on mobile currently).

Lastly, we want to share an article that was published on Tribby3d’s blog recently. It discusses a topic we care a lot about: loads on structures. Enjoy!

All the best,
Emil & Team Tribby3d

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